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Dear Fellow Ostomates,

Dolores - Founder I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all the people who have helped me turn my dreams into reality. My family, my friends, doctors, nurses, support groups and most of all I want to thank my God, without whom I would never have made such a strong comeback after my ongoing struggle with Crohn’s Disease.

I am delighted to introduce OPTIONS™ Ostomy Barrier/Support, a new and unique line of undergarments designed and patented especially for ‘You’. I share many of your concerns, my medical situation required a number of surgeries, including a colostomy in 1978, an ileostomy in 1985 and a proctectomy in 1986. As you can well appreciate, I have had many frustrating moments trying to find products to help me cope with my functional and personal 24-hour needs concerning activity, sleep and intimacy; and my worst fear a leak. OPTIONS™ Ostomy Barrier/Support offers a genuine breakthrough by finally providing you with a patented product that virtually eliminates leaks and satisfies your 24-hour needs for day, sleep and intimacy.

OPTIONS™ provide you with 24-hour freedom, security and confidence restoring your dignity and helping to enhance and renew your perception of self and quality of life. OPTIONS™ conceals the pouch, serves as a moisture barrier, and supports and contains the pouch, thereby reducing pressure on the pouch and wafer. OPTIONS™ are easy to wear; all that is required is a few simple steps to have that secure feeling 24-hours a day. All of these features were developed while maintaining high fashion, elegance and craftsmanship.

I am committed to providing Ostomates throughout the world with renewed dignity and 24-hour freedom, security and confidence, as well as a new image...thus a new sense of self. Living with OPTIONS™ has no limits.

With warmest regards,
Dolores Y. Beaupied
Ostomate and Founder


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