TEAM OPTIONS Ostomy Barrier/Support


Designed for a discreet appearance and to provide a flatter abdominal profile: when the pouch is contained within the SUPPORT it provides a larger area across the lower abdomen for the pouch contents to be evenly distributed, providing concealment. To further conceal and prevent ballooning, it is also recommended that a 8” or longer pouch be used. Access for urinary night drainage tubing on all products.

A Patented OPTIONS™ built-in OSTOMY BARRIER/SUPPORT in every product - comfortable 100% Cotton absorbs/wicks moisture away from skin.

US Patent No. 5,135,520 and 4,888,006

1 Separate tabs and pull up entire product in front pouch.

2 Bring right and left panels behind pouch and close tabs at waist.

Tuck in pouch and let tail and clip rest at bottom of support, then pull up on front panel.

Easy To Empty: Front outer panel designed to pull down to empty 8"-16" pouch between legs.

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