TEAM OPTIONS Ostomy Barrier/Support

Testimonials by Doctors, Nurses and Ostomates

"I thought my life was over after surgery. I was chained to my home because of leaks and a complete loss of confidence. My ET nurse told me that OPTIONS™ would change my life. I can’t begin to tell you how much your Ostomy Support / Barrier has done for me; no more leaks which helped my confidence. I go out in the company of others and even exercise again. I could even say there are times I even forget I have an ostomy! They are reasonably priced too. Thank you for marketing them so other Ostomates could have the benefit of having a product that will do so much for them. Thanks again" Joseph Seiden, Ostomate, Harrisville, PA

"For 39 years I have been an ileostomate. The OPTIONS™ Ostomy Support / Barrier is considered a genuine breakthrough because for the first time all Ostomates now have a choice of nifty, aesthetically pleasing items that not only incorporate a skin protective moisture barrier but also discreetly conceal pouch contents while supporting the weight of a full pouch." Elizabeth McConnell, Ostomate, and RNET Harrisburg, PA

"After reviewing The OPTIONS™, I am convinced this unique product is a valuable contribution and a medical necessity to the well being of Ostomates worldwide. This product will totally change what 2.5 million Ostomates come to rely on to prevent leakage, as well as accomodating their functional needs. Quite simply, they will stop using products designed for the non-ostomate and come to use what has been created especially for them by an Ostomate." Michael O. Blackstone, MD, Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

"The OPTIONS™ products are wonderful! They offer freedom of movement and comfort in keeping the pouch away from my skin. Almost like not wearing a pouch. Different designs also offer the illusions of not wearing pouches during intimate times." Shirley Levin, Ostomate, Past President and VP North Suburban Chicago UOA Chapter, Chicago IL, UOA - United Ostomy Assoc. 1.800.826.082

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