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MEN'S PRODUCTS DEMO WOCN WOCN Marketplace WOCN Marketplace Download Brochure FREE "OPTIONS™ Sample Kit" - please see below Dear WOCN Nurse, Thank you for introducing all of your ostomy patients to OPTIONS™ patented built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support that provides '24-hour Renewed Dignity, Security, Freedom and Confidence' for day, sleep and intimacy'. Designed by an Ostomate with built-in features that accommodate the functional realities of your patient's needs; easy access to drain pouch, access for night drainage tubing and access for intimacy. It is designed to virtually eliminate leaks by supporting the contents of the pouching system which maintains the adhesive seal - extending weartime. It protects the peristomal skin integrity and prevents candidiasis. Designed for a discreet appearance and to provide a flatter abdominal profile as well as preventing ballooning - wear regular clothing. OPTIONS™ built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support is a necessity to your patient's 24-hour ostomy management program and is covered by most insurance. See Certificate of Medical Necessity. My mission and commitment is to serve 'YOU' and your patients via OPTIONS™ '24-hour Renewed Dignity, Security, Freedom and Confidence'! - We were at booth #557 at the WOCN Annual Conference in New Orleans June 2011. - We were also at the National UOAA Conference in Reno August 2011. Thank you - have a peaceful day, Dolores Y. Beaupied Ostomate & Founder FREE "OPTIONS™ SAMPLE KIT" Please provide the following information to receive: Choose Options Sample Kits: Name: Hospital-Facility: Room Number: Floor: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone: Email: Estimated patients per year: Comments:

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